LTC’s core principles and guidelines shape and determine the strategies and the actions of all employees in our company.

Whether in supporting our business partners and new customers, or in respecting the environment, we never lose sight of our core values. We strive at all times to be both a leader in the field of magnesium Injection Molding as well as in corporate responsibility.

LTC’s environmental commitment
We at LTC are aware that addressing environmental issues is extremely important in creating a successful and responsible business strategy. We therefore strive to minimize our environmental impact through continuous improvement.
In line with this commitment, LTC promises to:
  • ensure that our activities comply with all applicable laws and established company standards,
  • strive to design and develop products that have only a small impact on the environment during their manufacture, use and subsequent disposal,
  • minimize, where possible, our energy consumption and waste,
  • reuse and recycle materials,
  • set environmental targets,
  • strive to purchase goods and services from environmentally-responsible suppliers,
  • offer our employees the necessary training regarding the best methods of environmental protection,
  • implement our environmental policy and procedures at all levels of organization,
  • monitor our progress by means of internal and external verification,
  • apply procedures and report regularly on the efficiency of environmental management,
  • and regularly review our environmental policy.