LTC was founded in 2007 as G-MAG, a MAGNA subsidiary, for the construction of lightweight magnesium components using Injection Molding technology. G-MAG was able to win over customers from the very beginning thanks to staff expertise in magnesium Injection Molding technology and resulting high-quality products. 

In 2009, MAGNA sold G-MAG to private investors, who recognized the technical as well as environmental potential of Injection Molding technology. The company was then re established as Lightweight Technology Center – LTC GmbH in 2010.

Our goal remains to establish magnesium Injection Molding technology in Europe, to develop existing expertise in the field, and to position LTC GmbH as a leading supplier of lightweight magnesium components. The driving force behind our desire for technological innovation is our staff; recognition and motivation within the company drive them to peak performance, thereby increasing productivity. As a result, LTC-GmbH is now a leader in Injection Molding technology and the world’s first producer of magnesium Injection Molding components for the automotive industry.

LTC also places great importance on environmental commitment, which benefits our customers as well as the earth. Complete recycling of raw material helps to reduce production costs, and promoting process-safety in Injection Molding technology leads to more efficient, resource friendly, and thus more environmentally friendly practices.