Material savings
  • Shorter circuit and shorter cycle time, no burn
  • Capable of direct injection

Process benefits
  • Lower porosity, higher strength and ductility allow the designer to achieve lower component weight at higher/same performance
  • Low turbulent flow characteristics – fewer defects and better surface
  • Lower process temperature and less spraying – better tool life expectancy
  • Significant energy savings through efficient process management

System performance
  • High system utilization (OEE) possible
  • Shorter cycle times compared to magnesium die casting
  • Repeatability and process stability leading to fewer rejects
  • Lower energy consumption compared to die casting, etc.

Increased environmental compatibility / Cleanness
  • No need for SF6 or SO2
  • No production of waste products
  • 100% recyclable

Safe handling of magnesium (occupational health and safety)
  • Minimal fire hazard