We at LTC have the experience to effectively manage your project regionally, even if it extends internationally.

LTC has the experience and the resources to help you in every phase your component’s production: design, engineering, rapid prototyping, tooling and production of castings with an unrivaled commitment to all phases of production.

Each of our production departments has the expertise and necessary attention to detail to make your component.

LTC is on the cutting edge in terms of technologies for rapid prototyping in the manufacture of parts and tools. We build most of our parts and tools ourselves; when necessary, however, we work with our certified suppliers to create any parts and tools needed.

In order to produce large quantities of prototype parts with material properties and accuracy identical to the actual Thixomolding® components, we manufacture tools using a one-mold cavity and high-speed machining techniques. We also offer other methods of creating prototypes which imitate the mechanical properties of our various alloys.

During each step, we focus on the details. That is what it means to be a precision Thixomolding® company. Everything from the concept of rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing steps before production to full on production – we take care of the little things, so you don’t have to.

OEMs increasingly concentrate on their core capabilities, which means suppliers must accept full projects, rather than simply the delivery of the component. The degree of project management depends on the customer’s requirements, the impact on the supply chain and the complexity of technology and of the project. In each project, an evaluation is performed to determine the best possible methods to meet your needs and to avoid potential problems.

Send us your idea! We accept detailed CAD files in all popular formats, or even sketches on napkins (and everything in between). Our strict application of process monitoring and inspection ensures that your parts are manufactured to close tolerances and with a high level of uniformity.